Providing Memorable Human Support

The Rules Have changed

Customer Support is now revenue critical for SaaS companies. Today, the best support teams play a crucial role in product adoption, business expansion, and revenue protection.

Whether you are trying to help customers who got stuck, troubleshoot an issue, or guide them through a specific flow, you need to provide one on one support.

However, the experience of a human helping another human hasn’t changed in the past 15 years. Agents still ask customers “What are you seeing?”, “Can you describe the steps taken?”...  and customers  still  answer with“Where do I click?” or “I can’t find the option”.

Introducing Birdie

When so much depends on interactions, every Support team should be able to interact with the customers as if they were sitting next to them, watching their screens.

Birdie recreates this experience, remotely.

Unlike existing solutions, Birdie is made for Support use cases. Troubleshoot customer issues by using our Reverse Screen Recorder solution or draw on their screens to guide them using our Cobrowsing solution.

Enhance your Support experience. Improve your Support KPIs.

Birdie brings back the magic to 1-on-1 Support.

— Max & JB 💙