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Request screen recordings from your customers, or start a Cobrowsing session, within your existing helpdesk.

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Screen Recording

Get screen recordings
from customers

We know the struggle to receive a clear issue description. By having customers recording their screen, your team can now exactly see what's going on – no download required.
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Jump on a live session either to resolve a complex issue or guide the way. See your customer's screen, draw on, request control – no download required.
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Network & console logs

Troubleshoot faster by getting your customer logs pain-free. It's a game changer when you need to escalate the case.

Hide sensitive data

Automatically hide any sensitive data in your webapp. Build trust with your customers and stay compliant with your company policies.

No download required

Your customers don’t need to install anything. Ideal for customers who are not tech savvy or have high security requirements.

Just look at
the results*

How Support teams benefit from Birdie superpowers

+ 60%

Improvement in

Time to Resolution

+ 20%

Improvement in

Customer Effort Score

+ 35%

Improvement in

Escalation Rate

1 hour


per agent per day

* based on real customer stories

Why support teams use Birdie

First contact resolution
Escalation rate

Tier 1 support reps at Jeena were struggling to understand customer requests. Mainly because customers didn’t explain things clearly, and also because their product is highly customizable. Therefore, (1) they were having unnecessary back-and-forths with customers, and (2) they escalated many tickets to Tier 2 when they didn't have to.

Since installing Birdie, reps can see what’s going on, which clears up all confusion. As a result, First Contact Resolution improved by 105%, and Escalation Rate decreased from 18% to 11,5%.


50 - 100 employees


Accelerate Resolution
Customer Effort Score

The support team at Terminus solicited customers too much, especially when troubleshooting. Walking customers through that process can be a high-effort and unpleasant experience. As a result, they had a poor Customer Effort Score (70%).

They added Birdie 3 months ago and improved their CES from 70% to 88%. Additionally, Birdie helps them provide outstanding customer service to customers in the APAC region, since they do not yet offer support across all time zones.


100 - 500 employees


Delight Customers
Cost per Ticket
Replies per resolution

Stories was experiencing a strong increase in the number of tickets but the company was facing tough financial times. Marie, Head of Support, got asked by the CEO to reduce the cost per ticket with two conditions: (1) don’t deteriorate their current support metrics, and (2) don’t lay off anyone. As the Ticket Deflection Rate was already excellent, she decided to focus on reducing the Number of Replies.

After using Birdie for a month, her median number of replies per resolution got divided by two. As a result, she was able to lower the cost per ticket from $22 to $19.


10 - 50 employees


Save Money
Resolution time
Time saved

At Waystar, agents spent 70% of their time on 10% of tickets. After a quick analysis, it appears that the reps were devoting most of their time and energy to tracing and reproducing bugs.

Since they installed Birdie, (1) customers can explain complicated issues much easier, (2) reps can easily reproduce the bug by following the exact same steps, and (3) reps can escalate all the info to an engineer in one link, including the browser console information. As a result, Birdie saved each agent one extra hour per day, allowing them to close more tickets, which also improved resolution time by 60%.


1000+ employees


Ease Troubleshooting

Enterprise grade security




Privacy and security are top of mind for us at Birdie.

With Birdie’s end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control, our solution includes tools that empower your teams to achieve compliance with confidence and security infrastructure that keeps your data safe.

I was looking for a secure method for my team to help customers without logging into their production environments. Birdie minimizes the risk of security and privacy issues.

Jerry Ishmael

Client Support Team Manager ✦ TrackTik
Birdie is helping our agents get to the root cause of issues in much less time & it’s very straightforward to use. Their customer support also matches the product, 5 stars!

David Walker

Support Systems & Process Manager ✦
We are having a great experience with Birdie!! The integration with our helpdesk is seamless and it really helps us having happier customer!

Alejo Saavedra Cortes

Senior Support Specialist ✦ Zenput

Birdie integrates with your current helpdesk

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