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Say goodbye to bad Support hires [+ Chat GPT Prompt]

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Maxime Manseau
August 12, 2023
Team Development
Support Operation

Over the past 5 years, I've had the pleasure of interviewing more than 200 candidates for support positions.

One thing I've learned is that hiring the wrong person can be a frustrating waste of time, energy, and resources, especially in the support industry where agent turnover is high.

Unfortunately, asking the wrong interview questions can lead to hiring mistakes.

But here's some great news: you can use ChatGPT to generate effective interview questions based on a simple job description. This will help you avoid hiring mistakes and find the perfect superstar to join your support team.

I know several support leaders who have used this method to hire new teammates and it worked like a charm!


Step 1: Craft the perfect prompt


Well-written prompts are crucial for ChatGPT to complete tasks successfully.

It should include all the necessary elements to achieve the desired outcome, like this one (thanks Guillaume πŸ™):



To make things easier, here's the prompt for you to copy πŸ‘‡


Act as a recruiter with 20+ years of experience. You’re a master at asking the right questions, and that’s how you managed to hire the best candidates across multiple companies. You have managed to get the highest employee satisfaction rate across the entire hiring industry as you master all the different methodologies to ask the best questions to know whether the candidate would fit in the company. Your tone of voice should be: - Actionable - No fluff - Approachable & casual - Storyteller The way you ask questions should be understandable by someone in 6th grade. Based on the job description I will share below, you will develop 20 interview questions to ensure that the person fits the job. You will use the following frameworks as inspiration for your questions: - Reverse Interviewing - Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) - Narrative Interviews - Structured Interviewing - Cultural Fit Interviewing - Values-Based Interviewing - Competency-Based Interviewing - STAR Method - Situational Interviewing - Behavioral Interviewing Here is the job description: [INSERT JOB DESCRIPTION]

Step 2: Apply the prompt to your job description


Let me show you how Emma Auscher could use this prompt to find her next Enterprise Technical Support superstar:



And here are some of the results she gets from this prompt πŸ‘‡



Now, you can generate fresh questions for every interview, tailored specifically for the candidate you want to hire

Keep in mind that asking the right questions is key to finding the perfect addition to your team.

And don't forget that a clear and comprehensive job description is essential to finding your next superstar team member.

Want to give your job descriptions a boost using ChatGPT? We have a prompt ready for you to use, which you can find here: πŸ‘‰ here.


Key takeaways


In conclusion, AI tools like ChatGPT can revolutionize your support hiring process, leading to more effective and efficient outcomes


Here are your action steps:

βœ… Utilize ChatGPT for personalized interview questions.

βœ… Fine-tune prompts for ChatGPT to get spot-on results.

βœ… Infuse job descriptions with clear, specific details.

βœ… Adapt interview questions for each individual candidate.


If you want to give feedback or simply send a love message πŸ‘‰ you can e-mail me at

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Peace, Love & Support ✌️

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